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The year is 2001 and Bush has just taken office. Eight young people from across the US begin the adventure of a lifetime — to follow their dreams to study medicine — in Cuba.

This film tells the story of the largest medical school in the world, the Latin American Medical School (ELAM as it is known in Spanish) in Havana, Cuba through the eyes of US students who received scholarships with the commitment to practice medicine in under-served communities.

Through the stories of ELAM graduates, we learn the history of this medical school that is revolutionizing healthcare on a global level. Cuba has emerged over the last 50 years as a global health leader through an emphasis on preventative and primary care and a commitment to improving the health of economically struggling communities around the world. Grassroots leaders and activists in both the US and Cuba dared to make the school and scholarships a reality — at a time when Cuba suffered brutal economic pressure as the US government tightened its blockade against the island nation.

Can one medical school change the world?


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